Corgi Puppy Pictures and Facts (2024)

There’s a reason why Corgi puppies are the kings and queens of internet memes: those short, stubby legs! That head tilt! The peculiar, long, bread-loaf bodies! Their adorable, emotion-filled faces! All the cute pictures below might be enough to inspire a desire for a Corgi puppy of your very own. So, if you’re thinking about going from just giggling at Corgi memes to adopting one IRL, here are a few things you should know.

You will have to choose between a Cardigan and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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Did you know there are actually two breeds of Corgis, which were not recognized as distinct until the 1930s? Corgis were bred into two separate types: the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both are adored for their short legs, big ears, and infectious personalities. Cardigans sport long tails and a slightly more robust build, while Pembrokes are typically known for their bobbed tails and fox-like appearance. In fact, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is popular as the breed favored by British royalty, especially the late Queen Elizabeth II, who had more than 30 during her reign!

In addition to these, another variation gaining popularity is the Cowboy Corgi. This hybrid breed is a cross between the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Australian Cattle Dog. The Cowboy Corgi combines the compact size and friendly nature of the Pembroke with the rugged endurance and work ethic of the Cattle Dog. No matter which type of Corgi puppy you choose, you’re sure to find a loyal and spirited friend.

The Corgi is full of sass and makes an excellent house dog

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While Corgis may have short legs, they make up for it with their big personalities. These little furballs are known for their lively and playful nature. Their friendly demeanor and eagerness to please make them fantastic family dogs. What’s more, their small stature also makes them suitable for apartment living, though they do require plenty of exercise to keep their energetic spirits in check. Whether they’re playing in your living room or trying to keep up with much larger dogs at the park, Corgis certainly know how to make their presence felt.

These puppies can get a bit… round

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Corgis are known for their healthy appetites, which can be both a blessing and a challenge. Because they are so food-motivated, they are usually easy to train using treats as rewards. However, it’s important to be mindful of how much to feed a Corgi puppy to prevent overfeeding and obesity. Generally, these puppies should be fed three to four small meals a day, amounting to about one to two cups of high-quality puppy food. The exact amount can vary based on their age, weight, and activity level. As such, it is always a good idea to consult your veterinarian for a personalized feeding plan for your pup.

Corgis can be little herding machines

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Despite their small size, Corgi puppies are born with strong herding instincts. Historically, both the Pembroke and Cardigan varieties were used to herd cattle and other livestock in Wales. Their short stature allows them to nip at the heels of animals while avoiding kicks. Even as puppies, Corgis may exhibit herding behavior, like chasing after small children or other pets. This behavior can be amusing but also requires training to ensure it doesn’t become problematic.

Beyond their super cute face, their fluffy rear has made them quite the phenomenon

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One of the cutest features of Corgi puppies is their fluffy, rounded behinds. The way their fur fluffs out around their rear end creates an endearing, almost cartoonish appearance. Videos of Corgi puppies waddling around with their little butts swaying from side to side are immensely popular online, further cementing their status as one of the cutest dog breeds. It’s almost impossible to resist a smile when you see a Corgi puppy trotting along with their fluffy little rear in tow.

That said, this fluffy feature isn’t just for show. Corgis have a double-layered coat, which consists of a dense, insulating undercoat and a longer, coarser outer coat. This helps them stay warm in cold weather and provides protection when working in rough terrain.If this makes you wonder whether the Corgi is a high-maintenance dog, then worry not. While they do require regular brushing a few times a week, their grooming needs are moderate compared to most other breeds.

Corgi puppies will cost you a fortune when you’re buying them for sale

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When considering adding a Corgi puppy to your family, one of the first questions that likely comes to mind is, “How much is a Corgi puppy?” Be prepared, because Corgi puppies can be quite an investment. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from $500 to $3,000 for a purebred Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppy from a reputable breeder. This price can differ based on factors such as lineage, breeder reputation, and location. It’s also important to note the size of a Corgi’s litter, as it can influence availability and cost. Typically, a Corgi’s litter consists of six to eight puppies. Moreover, you might encounter even higher prices for puppies with champion bloodlines or rare coat colors.

Alternatively, adopting a Corgi can be a more affordable and rewarding option. Many rescue organizations and shelters have Corgis in need of loving homes, and adoption fees usually range from $50 to $350. Always do your research and ensure you’re ready for the responsibility, whether you choose to buy or adopt your Corgi.

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Perhaps the most endearing aspect of Corgi puppies is that they are incredibly affectionate and love belly rubs. They’ll often flop onto their backs and invite you to give them a good scratch, a behavior that many dog parents find irresistible! This adorable trait also makes them excellent cuddle buddies. Their fluffy, soft fur makes the experience even more enjoyable for both the puppy and the owner. So, if you’re looking for a loving and interactive pet, a Corgi could be the perfect choice.

Corgi Puppy Pictures and Facts (2024)


At what age do Corgis calm down? ›

Some Corgi pups mature as they get older, and some begin to calm in adulthood at around the age of 1-2 years. Temperament is about more than just age, though. It depends on their level of training, activity levels, and stimulation, too.

What 2 breeds make a Corgi? ›

For a time, Pembrokes and Cardigans were bred together. Then, in 1934, the Kennel Club officially recognized the Pembrokeshire Corgi (or Corgi from the county Pembroke in South Wales) as a separate breed from their cousin, the Cardiganshire Corgi.

What do corgis love the most? ›

Corgis love food and will guard it therefore resource guarding is something that you will need to work on. Some can be picky eaters but most are always looking for a snack.

Why do corgis not like to cuddle? ›

The history of your Corgi, or any other breed, may affect its love for cuddles. An adopted dog may have come from an abusive household or a place where love and affection were not shown. If a dog is not brought up with love, it may not know how to show that affection, and sometimes a cuddle can trigger trauma.

Do Corgis like being picked up? ›

Many don't like being picked up. If I had your dog I would back up and start this dog again. I would run him through the work in the article I wrote titled THE GROUND WORK TO BECOMING YOUR PUPPY'S PACK LEADER. I would strongly recommend getting a dog crate and do crate training with this dog.

Are Corgis hard to potty train? ›

Each corgi is different; some can take days to potty train and pick it up quickly, and others can take a month.

What are the behavior problems with Corgis? ›

Herding Instincts: Pembroke Welsh Corgis are herding dogs bred to move livestock, and they may exhibit herding behaviors such as chasing, nipping, or barking at people, other pets, or moving objects. While these behaviors are natural for Corgis, they can be challenging to manage in a home environment.

How expensive is a corgi? ›

Buying or adopting a Corgi

If purchasing through a breeder, you can expect to pay between $500 and $3,000 for a Pembroke or Cardigan puppy. You can also adopt a Corgi from an animal shelter or rescue, which would cost much less than buying from a breeder.

What do Corgis eat? ›

When selecting what to feed your Pembroke Welsh Corgi, choose a diet with high-quality animal-based protein sources, such as beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, eggs, and fish.

Do Corgis bark alot? ›

To answer the question: yes, Corgis are known to bark excessively.

What are the bad habits of corgis? ›

Too much unreleased energy and a lack of training can lead to excessive barking and other behavior problems, including aggression. These dogs also have a herding instinct, so without proper training, they are not an ideal pet for homes with small children.

What are the negatives of corgis? ›

Accordingly, many Pembroke Welsh Corgis can be a bit pushy toward dogs and cats they don't know. Mind of their own. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are smart, but they do have an independent mind of their own (as do most herding breeds) and are not pushovers to raise and train. They can be manipulative or willful.

What are corgis favorite things to do? ›

Corgi dog owners know this is a lively and energetic breed. They're smart and highly trainable, which means they need plenty of attention, or you'll find them making their own fun. Corgis love playing fetch, tug-of-war, and finding treats (or dog food) hidden in interactive puzzles.

How fast can a corgi run? ›

Corgis can only run 23–25 miles per hour.

This number includes the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. If you want to put a Corgi's speed into context, you can compare it to other animals and the average speed among all breeds.

Do corgis love one person? ›

Also, Corgis tend to only really bond with one owner. They'll show other people in the family plenty of love, but they pick a clear favorite. For families, this can create problems, especially if the person whom the Corgi picks is only one of the children.

Do corgis smile? ›

In reality, though, dogs don't actually smile — at least, not in the same sense that you do. A dog can appear to smile by opening the mouth and pulling back the lips, allowing the tongue to lap over the teeth.

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